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Idea Theorem Expands Partner Network to Expedite Digital Transformation

26 Jan. 2023

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Digital transformation is changing the technology landscape. To stay on top, companies need to adopt new technologies and tools to reach customers online. COVID-19 has accelerated industries’ shift towards digitization, but many lack the expertise or workforce to do so effectively. Consequently, companies are seeking partners with more advanced technical skills and resources to help them achieve their goals.

Idea Theorem™ proudly expands its partner network, currently collaborating with Microsoft and Salesforce. As an award-winning Toronto-based UI/UX design & development agency, Idea Theorem™ serves notable clients in finance, healthcare, and the public sector. These partnerships provide exclusive integrations and accelerate digital growth.

“We are honoured to have the opportunity to become a part of the Microsoft and Salesforce partnership network. These partnerships are part of a company-wide strategic goal we had to accomplish this year, with digital transformation in mind.” Said Suhela Kapoor, Chief Experience Officer at Idea Theorem™. “We’ve started collaborating with clients using Microsoft and Salesforce tools, eager for more projects in this innovative space.”

The Idea Theorem™ team is no stranger to Microsoft development projects, utilizing Azure cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Power BI in several recent projects. However, Microsoft Partners are granted exclusive opportunities to work with emerging technologies and specific integrations that allow Microsoft-based clients to utilize their vast app and program offerings. Idea Theorem™ supports Microsoft integrations and works with clients to build better Microsoft digital products.

Salesforce Partners are given the ability to develop and provide custom solutions and integrations within their expansive network of sales, marketing, and professional services products. Idea Theorem™ is now one of many innovators officially developing applications and digital products for Salesforce customers leveraging lighting design system. 

Idea Theorem™ expands partnerships for faster, cutting-edge solutions in Canada’s tech market.

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Idea Theorem is an award-winning design & development agency based in North America. Through our empathy-driven approach, we have crafted digital products that have positively impacted over 10 million users. Our mission is to shape the digital future by delivering exceptional experiences. Contact Us if you have any questions; we will gladly help you.

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