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Web Design Trends to lookout for in 2018 – Part 2

31 Jan 2018

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This is a part 2 of the 2 part series of web design trends to look out for in 2018. You can check out the first part here.

Creativity in Creating Creative Layouts

Website design is no longer constrained to a rigid layout. The number of unconventional or asymmetrical layouts are trending across the web. 

The aesthetics of the unconventional layout is that it is unique, distinctive and sometimes experimental. To have a successful website with an unconventional layout, designers have to balance different design elements to help the user draw eyes across the entire web page.

Intelligence of AI

AI has become an integral part of human evolution now. With Google Home, Alexa everything is changing from the household front to the machine learning. So of course, AI will be a huge part of website design too especially through conversational UI like chatbots and voice-based bots. Chatbots can help users with their shopping needs, answer instantly to any users questions, make requests for them, and many more.

While voice-based bots can help the user (especially people with disabilities) search, browse through the website. Website designs will be more focused towards AI, to make it more user-friendly for the audience. AI can also help in SEO, ad manipulation, content creation and creating high-quality links.

Storytelling through Visuals

To make people stay at your website, designers tend to create a story to convince the users to stay on the page and browse more on the website. Storytelling could be a powerful approach if done the right way through interactive elements, callouts.

The LaLaLa Land of Geometric Shapes, Patterns, Lines, and Circles

The focus on 2018 for many websites would be having decorative details like geometric shapes, patterns, lines, and circles. They add extra attention in the web page to make the user stay.

Living in the world of Web VR

WebVR is like regular virtual reality, but instead of downloading and installing an app, users can directly go to web put on the headset such as the Gear VR or Google cardboard and plunge into the world of VR.

The WebVR exposes new interfaces like VR Display, VR pose that allows web applications to present content in virtual reality. WebVR is gaining popularity and in 2018, it will definitely be part of the trend to get users hooked.

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