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Why UX is Important and factors that define it

05 March 2018

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Why UX is Important?

User experience is one of the most important aspects of any product as good UX can give you a competitive advantage by acting as a differentiator. Most of the founders, product owners, and marketers don’t value UX even though it could have a direct impact on their product. A lot of people do not know that good UI may not necessarily mean good UX.

Users have become increasingly picky. They now prioritize their product experience, seeking a seamless and frictionless digital journey. Failure to meet these expectations will prompt them to abandon your product in favor of alternatives. With a plethora of similar products saturating the market, competition is fierce, making it effortless for customers to find substitutes. A product should evoke both emotional and intellectual responses in users, as the experience directly influences sales.

The main goal of UX design is to create solutions directly related to your business strategy, ultimately leading to a holistic and optimized user experience. Moreover, in any given product market, there are hundreds of competitors. Good UX design distinguishes which product elicits a positive emotional response from users.

That is why investing time and money in the product’s UX is highly valuable. Through UX research and creating lean personas, you will understand the customers and create a target audience for whom you are making or redesigning a product. UX Audit is another useful methodology that helps create empathy with your customers, with that you will understand how your customers think and why and how they are using your product.

At Idea TheoremTM, we consider the Why, What, and How to create a product. The Why means whether the product is required. What is the functionality? And How involves the aesthetics of the product.

7 Factors that Define UX

There are different factors to keep in mind while designing a product that customers will actually use.  These are:

1. Useful

The content you provide should be useful. The users should not waste time searching for content. Users’ time is very precious.

2. Usable

The ease of use of a product is very important for the user. Usability refers to how efficiently, and intuitively users can reach the objective of the product.

3. Desirable

This refers to the desirability of the product through images, branding, and aesthetics to invoke emotions.

4. Findable

The product should be easily navigable and locatable so that it is easy for the user to find what they are looking for.

5. Accessible

The product must be accessible to people with disabilities. Sadly, accessibility gets lost during the user experience process.

6. Credible

The product must be trustable and believable for the user to use it.

7. Delightful

Do users enjoy using the product? Is the product memorable for the user, so that they won’t forget each time they use it?

What’s Next

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